Thursday, July 10, 2014

Custom made costuming

Sherri Wheatly at Zulu Lounge in custom made silk skirt

Michaella Manning at Zulu Lounge in custom made skirts

Gigi Corkett & Tari Manello at Froggy's Tribal Showcase

Cyndy Lagerquist & Kim Carsey- Malibu Infusion
Specially Embellished Belt & Bra set for Heidi Lynn Williams

Jillian Souza as Fey from Cowboy Bebop


Belly Fusion Los Angeles Show- She'enedra

Hips Of Fury

Tribal Caravan

Infusion - Malibu

Zulu Lounge
Acacia Mansion- Nataraja Bellydance Troupe
The Blood Moon- Sacramento CA

Chimay Bellydance Troupe

Tales Of Desire - Costume design & construction (tops by Choviani)

Leather Vest- Pirate Faire
Ojai Bellydance Festival
Tribal Minis- Ojai Bellydance Festival
Ojai Bellydance Festival

Tribal Fusion Faire- SLO

Glen Tavern 

Tribal Fests